Trail Hero 2020

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Originally Published in Issue 36 of 4Low Magazine

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A Special (Needs) Day at Trail Hero 2020
Photo and Story by Mike Boyle

The 5th annual Trail Hero event was held this past October 6-10th. Based in Hurricane, UT, Trail Hero isn’t your typical organized trail riding event. It doesn’t matter your vehicle’s capability, your 4×4 experience level, age, or physical ability; there is something for everyone. From stock to competition, SXS to trail rigs, there is an opportunity for you.

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While the main attractions are the daily guided trail rides, they are only a small part of the activities available. Each afternoon, a special event is held to bring additional entertainment and a chance to participate for those willing to. From a timed run up a bounty course, to Jesse Haines’ Supercrawl competition, to witnessing the top crawlers in the country compete in the Trail Breaker event, there is no shortage of action.

4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 343Among the week’s events is a trail ride that many look forward to every year. Not because of the trail or location, but because of what it means to all who participate. While motorized access is precious to us in the off-road community, it is invaluable to those who are physically or mentally unable to access the outdoors any other way. With this in mind, the Special Needs Trail Run was created. The event is a way for Trail Hero attendees to open up their passenger seats and give those with different abilities from the local community an opportunity to experience a day on the trail. Sponsored by Red Rock Center for Independence, patients of the clinic, as well as special needs students from Valley Academy, were treated to breakfast by Lonny Boy’s BBQ before loading up and heading out to tour the mountain on the west end of Sand Hollow State Park.

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With clear skies, the participants were treated to southwestern Utah’s beautiful vistas as the vehicles wound their way up the mountain. After an opportunity to play on a rock obstacle, the group made its way to a large overlook where everyone was provided lunch and gathered for a group photo. With the clock no longer on our side, the group loaded up and headed back down the slickrock to get the students back to school at the prescheduled time. If the smiles and laughter were any indication of the participants’ level of enjoyment, this year’s Special Needs trail run was a success.

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Next year’s Trail Hero event has already been scheduled for October 4-9th, adding an extra day and more opportunities for everyone that attends. To keep up with the latest developments, log on to and sign up for the mailing list.

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