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By Christian Sturtz, [email protected]

Photos by Christian Sturtz

4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 871RockJock parts have been around since the beginning of TJ modifications. RockJock makes many parts to help you upgrade your TJ/LJ/JK or even a new JT. RockJock’s history in the off-road industry proves its dependability; its components can handle years of abuse. In Issue 39, we did an in-depth article on rebuilding Johnny Joints on a set of control arms. In this issue, we will show you how to upgrade your RockJock performance even further using several different RockJock products.

One product that RockJock offers is a bushing replacement kit for differential housings. These differential bushings are fully rebuildable and offer superior travel compared to OEM-type bushings. The bushings install easily with tools available through RockJock; in some applications, welding may be required.4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 872 They also offer greaseable bolts that work hand-in-hand with the Johnny Joint control arms. The greaseable bolts keep the Johnny Joints lubricated and reduce component wear. Another product RockJock offers is adjustable track bars for most Jeep applications. Adjustable track bars allow you to keep the axles centered under the vehicle, regardless of the amount of lift you have. Their easy bolt-on installation is a great selling feature. In our application, we only had to enlarge two holes to install RockJock front and rear track bars.4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 874 RockJock also offers bump stops for the front and rear of many Jeep applications. In most applications, they double as a spring retainer. Bump stops eliminate spring binding (spring binding is when spring coils contact other coils), which could result in catastrophic failure of your springs. Bump stops also eliminate axles from contacting critical vehicle components, such as the oil pan.

If you are looking to upgrade your Jeep’s sway bars, RockJock has you handled. Their front Anti-Rock offers a replacement for a stock sway bar that is adjustable and improves your off-road capability. (Figure 6) Its main selling feature is that it controls body roll but does not require you to disconnect it. RockJock rear sway bar is also a great option for stock replacement, because it offers adjustability for fine-tune drivability. Some applications require mild trimming but can still be installed in just a few hours.4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 876 Lastly, RockJock makes several steering upgrades for most Jeep applications. Their robust design is a great option over stock components. TJ/LJ applications use a steering kit called Currectlync, which help with the stress from oversized tires and off-road abuse. The kit is bolt-on and uses the factory stabilizer shock. The only modification required for installation of this kit was the bump stops that were previously installed in Figure 5. These bump stops are required to keep the tie-rod ends from over articulating.4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 877 RockJock is a company with off-road in its roots; check out what they have for your application and embrace dependability.

Parts Used:


Housing bushing (CE-112M)

Housing bushing (CE-112)

Front Bump Stop Kit (CE-91122F)

Rear Bump Stop Kit (CE-9122R)

Steering Kit (CE-9701)

Front Anti-Rock (CE-9000A)

Rear Anti-Rock (CE-9900TJRA)

Narrow 2” Rebuild Kit (CE-9112NRK)

Front Track Bar (CE-9120TJJ)

7/16” bolt (CE-91127)

9/16” bolt (CE-91107)

Tools Used:

2” tool (CE-9112T)

Johnny Joint Install tool (CE-9102KT)


RockJock/John Currie

Performance Group Inc.

1592 Jerks Dr.

Corona, CA 92878



Esab Welding and Cutting Products

2800 Airport Rd.

Denton, TX 76207

800- ESAB- 123



APEX Tool Group

910 Ridgebrook Rd. (Suite 200)

Sparks, MD 21152





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