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Originally Published in Issue 34 of 4Low Magazine

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Basic Info

Owner Name: Loren Kispert

Location: Nerstrand, Minnesota

Vehicle Make & Model: 2002 Buggy Mud-Evil

Builder: Loren Kispert

Years in sport: 30 years


Engine: 2010 LS3

Engine Modifications: intake, camshaft, headers

Transmission: Twisted Demon TH350

Front axle: Dana 60 Currie Rock Jock

Gear Ratio:  456                            Locker:  ARB

Modifications: Chrome Moly Axle Shafts

Rear axle: 14 bolt SF

Gear Ratio:  456                              Locker:  welded

Modifications: custom drilled rear disc brakes

Transfer case: custom billet aluminum with 4:1 ratio

Drive Shafts: Rear has 1410 and front has 1350 U-Joints

Steering: hydraulic with PSC Ram and reservoir

Wheels Brand & Size: 24 X 14   Dropstar

Tires Brand & Size: 1640 X 640 X 24 low pressure paddle tires that I imported in 2018.


Front Type: Radius arm

Parts used: 14 inch Walker Evans Nitrogen Shocks,

James Duff Radius Arms, Nitrogen Bump Stops

Rear Type: 3 Link

Parts used: 18 inch Fox Nitrogen Shocks, Nitrogen

Bump Stops, Currie Antirock Sway Bar


Front Bumper:

Rear Bumper:


Winch/Recovery: Receiver Mount 9000 pound Superwinch


Seats: Hunsaker suspension

Cage – Material: 1 ¾  DOM

Builder: Loren Kispert

Loren Kispert is the shop foreman for Zumbrota Drivetrain in Zumbrota, Minnesota. He tells us that Mud-Evil is all about function.  Center and higher seating position for visibility out both sides.  The main goal of the build was to make the rig lightweight and weight balanced.  The weight is 51% front and 49% rear.  People often ask how I keep from breaking the axles after they see me beat on it, I tell them it is a combination of being light, having soft compliant suspension and large, soft sidewalls on the tires.  These all act as a shock absorber to protect the driveline.  Minnesota wheeling is mostly mud and snow with a few trails thrown in.  My favorite place to wheel is a local, privately owned swamp.  While Mud-Evil won’t win any beauty contests, it will go across a swamp with ease.  My favorite mod is my one-off billet aluminum transfer case that uses Profab quick change gears.

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