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Originally Published in Issue 27 of 4Low Magazine

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How many of you have owned a Maglite flashlight? You know the one, its big, heavy and carried by law enforcement officers. Since 1979, Maglite has been the standard that all flashlights are held to.

With LED technology on the forefront for many years now, flashlights have been getting smaller and smaller, but nothing beats a flashlight that has beef and power like a Maglite. Truckers and RV drivers can use them to check tires or ward off dangerous animals, you know, angry squirrels and lot lizards.

I got my hands on three Maglite models, a 3 D-Cell light (ML300XL), a 3 C-Cell light (ML50LX), and a rechargeable light (ML150RX). The craftsmanship is outstanding in all three of these lights.

According to Mag Instrument, “So when we say that we are ‘A U.S.A. Manufacturer’ whose flashlights are ‘Built In America,’ we do not mean that no part, component or accessory of one of our flashlights is ever imported. What we DO mean is that our flashlights are, and always have been, invented, designed and engineered in America and assembled in and shipped from our American factory where all of the body parts and most of the other parts are made, even if some parts, components and accessories may need to be sourced from an overseas supplier. And when a product of ours does include some foreign content, we duly note that on package labeling.”
To me that means consistent quality and craftsmanship not found in other brands.

All three lights have adjustable beams that will fit just about any need you might have while using the light.

The light holder/charging unit of the MK150RX, is mountable to many surfaces using screws, two sided tape or Velcro. It also comes with two cords, one for a 12volt plug in and one for a 110volt plug in. it has a run time of 3hr 15min on the high power setting and 79hr on eco. At 1082 Lumens it is bright enough for almost any application needed.

Both of the regular battery lights performed as expected for a MagLite, having always had regular incandescent bulb Maglites in the past, I was blown away at how much brighter the LED versions were. The 3 C-Cell LED ML300XL with 625 Lumens, compared to a 6 D-Cell incandescent with 178 Lumens is really no comparison at all.

The handles have a non-slip grip finish which is just another fine detail that is sometimes overlooked. MagLites come in all sizes and in both LED and incandescent bulbs, replaceable battery and rechargeable batteries as well.
For a top shelf flashlight, you really can not beat a MagLite.

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