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Originally Published in Issue 32 of 4Low Magazine

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By Christian Sturtz, [email protected]

Photos by Christian Sturtz

A Hi-Lift jack is arguably the most versatile tool an off-road rig can have; the uses are almost endless. You can use the jack as a winch; you can use it to spread things apart or to push things together. The jacks’ ratcheting design allows objects to be raised or lowered in a controlled manner. We have even seen people use parts (or the whole jack) to pry things. A common, but not condoned, trail fix is to remove the handle of the jack and slip it over/attach it to a bent/broken steering or suspension linkage.

The Hi-Lift jack does take up a lot of space, with its robust and ridged design, so you need a safe and accessible place to store it while not being used. Hi-Lift has come to the rescue by making many vehicle specific and universal mounting solutions. Direct bolt-on kits, tube mounts, and roll cage mounts are just a few of their available mounting options. In this article, we are going to overview the install of a hood mount on a TJ/LJ. All Hi-Lift hood mounts have similar installation.

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Start by removing the Torx bolts from one hood hinge. It is a good idea to place the removed bolts in a bag and put them in a safe place for use if the mount is removed in the future. Next, place the supplied rubber washers over the hood hinge bolt holes (this is to protect your vehicle’s paint). Then the jack-mounting stud is slid up through the hood-mounting bracket and tightened. Finally, the hood-mounting bracket is bolted to the “T” shaped bracket and the whole assembly is bolted down. These instructions are identical for the other side. off road 4WD 4x4 magazine Figure 2

Before the jack is lifted into place, a handle isolator (part #HKB) is slid down the jack. The isolator helps with rattles and ensures that the jack stays closed while not in use. The jack is then slid onto the mounting studs, a lock washer is installed, and the knob is tightened. It may be necessary to loosen and adjust the jack mounts to get the studs lined up correctly. The hood-mount kit comes with a strap that can aide in handle retention. We completed this install with a neoprene jack cover for additional jack protection. off road 4WD 4x4 magazine Figure 3

Be sure to check out other tools and recovery solutions by Hi-Lift. off road 4WD 4x4 magazine Figure 4


Hi-Lift Jack Company
46 W. Spring Street
Bloomfield, IN 47424

APEX Tool Group
910 Ridgebrook Rd. (Suite 200)
Sparks, MD 21152

Parts Used:

Jack (HL-485)
Mounting Kit (HM-825)
Neoprene Cover (NJC)
Off-road Base (ORB)
Lift-Mate (LM-100)
Off-road Kit (ORK)
Strap (STRP-315)
Handle-All (HA-500)
Isolator (HKB)


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