Jimmy’s Podium 4-seat chassis With Fybr Concepts EB-Bronco Highline fiberglass panels

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Originally Published in Issue 32 of 4Low Magazine

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Jimmy’s buggies have become a staple in off-road racing, and for the last few years, on the trail as well.  But not many look like this one.  Troy and Shelley Hatch wanted something they could take family and friends on the trail with.  A four-seater to enjoy the Colorado and Utah trails.  Randy Rodd understood their vision and put together their love of Broncos with the four-seat need to build this beautiful #britneyblue Bronco buggy.

Features include: 2020 Jimmy’s Podium 4-seat chassis; Fybr Concepts Ebbronco Highline fiberglass panels, LQ-4 6.0 Holly Terminator injection system, Turbo-400 built by Jimmy’s, 205 twin-sticked transfer case.  You’ll find a Dana 60 with a Detroit locker, 5.38 gears and 35 spline shafts, fully Artec trussed, in the front and a 14 bolt with a Detroit locker and 5.38 gears in the rear with an Artec rear truss kit.  Shocks are triple by-pass by ADS, wheels are forged from Vision Wheels. Tires are the 40” Geolander XMT from Yokohama, exhaust is MBRP.  Lights are from KC Hilites, PRP for seats and harnesses and a Mile Marker winch.

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