Committee Trail Access Closure to the Fordyce Trail


Originally Published in Issue 29 of 4Low Magazine

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By Jacquelyne Theisen

Leaders of the Fordyce OHV trail in Northern California announced recently that there will be a 4-year closure of the Committee Access to the Fordyce Trail in Northern California from 2021 to 2024 for a reconstruction project of the Fordyce Dam.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) owns and operates Fordyce Dam and reservoir for water storage in association with the overall FERC Drum-Spaulding hydroelectric project.

PG&E notified the Public of its plan to perform major maintenance on Fordyce dam during the summer and fall of years of 2021-2024.

Beginning with investigation work starting in summer/fall of 2020. In the interest of public safety and project security, the road into the dam will be gated and locked on PG&E property south of the lake tender cabin beginning in the Fall of 2020, for the remainder of the dry season and left open during the winter months.

As a result, the Committee trail will not be accessible from Fordyce Road (along the lake).
This plan includes moving the gate in  2021-2023 further south to near Fordyce Summit.

Signage regarding the road closure will be posted in the field at several strategic locations, including the Fordyce Trailhead off Eagle Lakes Road, Meadow Lake Campground and at Fordyce summit.

Jeff Blewett (CAL4WD Norther California Resource consultant) and Art Stine, President of Friends of Fordyce are working with PG&E to solidify a plan which will be detailed later this month. Updates will be posted on Facebook and in 4LOW.

The public is asked to respect the closure of the Committee Trail from the Committee Crossing to the lake during this time.

Since the initial announcement, there have been many concerned users voicing their concerns, no doubt in fear of the Committee Trail never being re-opened. To date, PG&E has been an excellent partner, along with the Tahoe National Forest OHV Managers Joe Chavez and Paul Hart, in protecting the access to the trail via the Committee Route.


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