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Originally Published in Issue 29 of 4Low Magazine

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By Christian Sturtz, [email protected]

Photos by Christian Sturtz

With so many different wheel manufacturers out there the choices can be overwhelming and you might have a hard time finding what you want. One great option is to pick out a standard production wheel and have it customized or converted into beadlocks. You can even customize or convert your favorite set of wheels you already own. This gives you many more options and allows you to get exactly what you want.

OMF Performance specializes in beadlock conversions and wheel modifications. They work with/on all major wheel manufacturers. They can source you with wheels and modify them, or you can send them your own wheels to customize. Another modification that OMF is known for is Sim-U-Lock kits. Sim-U-Lock kits give you the look of a beadlock without the headache and upkeep. OMF can also create and build you custom billet center caps. Customized center caps are another great way to accent or personalize your wheels. When looking at doing this kind of conversion you can either contact an authorized dealer or OMF Performance directly.

First step in having OMF customize or perform a beadlock conversion is to source a set of wheels. If you currently have a set of wheels on your rig that you absolutely love, they fit correctly, and are not too damaged- they could be a great candidate for customization or a beadlock conversion. If you do not already have wheels, you will need to pick out wheels you like. Be sure to check with OMF for wheel pricing, because OMF’s pricing will often end up cheaper after figuring in the freight from another company. Additionally, when sourcing the wheels keep in mind that they can be sent directly to OMF, which will cut down on your costs.

Next, you will need to decide if a true beadlock or Sim-U-Lock is a better fit for your needs. Then you can begin looking at rings that will complement or enhance the look of your wheels. OMF offers several different ring styles and they can powder coat, anodize, polish, or leave raw. With most ring styles there are hardware options available too. On OMF’s website there are many examples of combination options to help you get an idea of what’s available. If you don’t see what you are looking for just ask- many custom options are offered.

Finally, if your wheel will accommodate a center cap, talk to OMF about options. Some wheels look great with the original caps they come with while others leave much to be desired. Often times OMF can help you to come up with something that will really make your wheel pop. Various finishing options are also available on center caps.

With OMF Performance the choices and possibilities are endless. They have years of experience and are always willing to help you talk through ideas. In most cases, they can send you a proof of your wheels before the work even starts, to make sure that all parties are in agreement on the expectation of the wheels.

Here is an example of an American Racing Outlaw 2 that we sent to OMF for a beadlock conversion. These wheels were treated to the Super Lite Drain rings that were powder-coated Candy Purple. OMF also made us billet center caps. Both front and rear caps were powder-coated Candy Purple. In the front, they closed up the area around our lockout hubs to give it a more finished look. In the rear they made us some domed spoke caps, which really set off the wheels.

Not only can a new set of wheels improve the performance of your vehicle they give it a whole new look. With the true beadlock conversion on these wheels we can now safely air down (to the single digits) with confidence. We can also turn a few heads while doing it.


OMF Performance Products                                           American Racing

8199 Mar Vista Court                                                          www.americanracing.com

Riverside, CA 92504

951.354.8272                                                                            Wheel Pros

www.omfperformance.com                                            www.wheelspros.com


Parts Used:

American Racing: AR625785

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