Why do you EXPO?

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Originally Published in Issue 30 of 4Low Magazine

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It’s expo season…no matter where you look, there is an off-road expo going on near you.  Of course, that can be said all year round now.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • International Off-Road and UTV Expo in Scottsdale, Arizona (December)
  • Unlimited Off-Road Show in Louisville, Kentucky (July)
  • Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona (May)
  • Salt Lake Off-Road Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah (February)
  • Off-Road Expo in Pomona, California (September)
  • and for those in the Industry – SEMA (November)

There are a ton more, just waiting to introduce you to the best vendors, the best products and the best people.  We asked a few of our friends what draws them to an expo, a few common themes were expressed:  Innovation, People and Rigs used for their intended purpose.

In their own words:

“I look for the best innovation. One thing. The best engineered product. Last year it was a vice clamp for shock shafts from All-German Machine. Previously it was MetalCloak joints, Bartact seat covers. Factor 55 …”  Scott Hartman, Dust Junkies Race Support

“People: I look for the people behind the products. I look for the people I will be supporting when purchasing a product. I look for the people I will be dealing with if/when I need to call for tech help, customer service, and warranty work.”  Dan Pulsford, Teraflex

“Competent work/builders. Good welds, good execution of plan. Is it easily serviceable in the pits or on the trail?”  John Rants, Ultra4 Team #4531

“Variety. Product that targets many different aspects of the Offroad industry. Product that is able to cross lines. Not just solely UTV/Rockcrawling. Because lots of UTV products can work for Crawlers.”  Steve Allard, WE Rock Team #8888

“See Friends – but I look at how others have done builds, and get ideas on how I can do better at things. Get info on new products out on the market and find out about events in the area.”  Pankaj Patel, Arizona Wheeler

“I look for new products, and components being displayed on vehicles in an innovative and practical way!”  Courtney Casey, Rebelle ‘18

“Gear and rigs that have actually been used!”  Pat Matterson, NAXJA.org

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