Re-wilding America | the plan of a radical environmentalist.

Originally Published in Issue 35 of 4Low Magazine

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By Kevin Allard

Travel Management Planning is just one step towards complete closure. Road closures suck, I think we can all agree on that. When a backroad is closed, it hinders access to some of the most beautiful places in western America. Our elders and children are quickly losing those memorable places that we once enjoyed. Environmentalists suck too. They say the western way of life damages the environment and consider our hobby destructive. Environmentalists claim we disturb wildlife, destroy artifacts, cause erosion, and pollute the earth. But yet, if you spend any time in nature, you will see life flourish.

The truth is, the everyday environmentalist and even the professional biologists are as manipulated as cigars that cure cancer. Mertonian Norms assure that all aspects of science follow a communist philosophy and deem anything else pseudoscience, anti-science, or climate change denial. Studying the papers written by Robert K. Merton, the “founding father of modern science,” is eye-opening when dealing with today’s environmental issues. It’s a successful attempt to completely discredit pioneering scientists’ philosophies who contributed to the advancement of human society.

Creating more and more wilderness and protected areas is becoming the norm for federal land management. Many firmly believe that the only way to sustain life on earth is to encapsulate ourselves in modern sustainable cities. The only way to achieve that goal is a complete rearrangement of human society, and recent current events should show you, it’s all coming to a head now. It makes you wonder what the World Economic Forum means when they say “The Great Reset.”

The deception goes deeper then what we can describe in one article. What you’re about to read is just one aspect of the alternative plan for America. From the United Nations to your local Game and Fish Department, find out exactly how the environmentalist dream to re-wild America is in full swing and now on the table.

The Wildlands Project

If you’ve never heard of the Wildlands Project, well, I’m glad you’re here. For years the project has been called a conspiracy theory. Despite the criticism, it is a fact that non-governmental organizations are working on completing a wilderness system that makes today’s environmental policy look like child’s play. It is not a law or regulation. It’s a call to action for all environmentalists of the early 1990s. When you look at this plan, you start to realize that travel management and resource management planning are just one step towards re-wilding America.

Reed Noss is the scientist who developed the idea of creating wilderness corridors to connect different protected areas around the US. His plan was picked up by the Nature Conservancy and eventually a man named Dave Foreman, who is also the founder of Earth First and the Cenozoic Society. Reed Noss published his master plan in a magazine called Wild Earth, a magazine published by the Cenozoic Society. In this special edition of Wild Earth magazine, he describes his master plan to connect National Forests, National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, and wilderness areas with “wildlife corridors” with no human activity. These areas would be surrounded by “buffer zones” with little to no human activity.

Under this grand scheme, complete elimination of mining and agriculture would be slowly phased in. Full closure of all roads leaving no more than a quarter-mile of roadway per square mile would destroy multiple use. And burdensome regulations would stop you from moving dirt on your property. As you read the bizarre document, you see a complete correspondence with the current policy closing roads across America.

There is no doubt that Dr. Reed Noss has some rather extreme views. It’s the outright admittance of the radical environmentalist ideology. It’s a “broad idea,” according to Dr. Noss, “to grope our way back to October of 1492.” Dr. Noss wishes to redefine what a wilderness area is and how wildlife conservation is governed. He lays out his idea to close roads and designated those areas as wilderness.

In the Wildlands Project, Dr. Noss writes,

(Page 15) “I suggest that at least half of the land area of the 48 conterminous states should be encompassed in core reserves and inner corridor zones (essential extensions of core reserves) with the next few decades; I also believe that this could be done without great economic hardship. Nonetheless, half of a region in wilderness is a reasonable guess of what it will take to restore viable populations of rare carnivores and natural disturbance regimes, assuming that most of the other 50 percent is managed intelligently as buffer zones.”

(Page 28) “Mining is an inappropriate use of public lands in virtually all cases. Vehicle use of established roads must be entirely prohibited. By freeing Forest Service, BLM, and state lands of such multiple-abuses, many roads, and other developments could be closed -thereby greatly increasing the amount of land available for Wilderness Recovery.”

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Next issue, we’ll lay out what else is happening and provide some contacts for you to continue the fight to keep Public Lands Open to the Public.

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