Problem Solving leads to new storage rack design from LetzRoll OffRoad

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If you use your truck like I do my mine, there always seems to be a time when you either need more space or a more convenient way to pack. For me, it’s having everything I might need where it’s easy to get to. I hate digging through everything for one item. This rack design eliminates that for me.

The rack is designed to carry all of my recovery gear, which includes 4 MaxTrax, assorted winchline extensions, Kinetic recovery rope, tow straps, tree saver straps, soft shackles,  gloves, various clevis, and snatch blocks.

I’m not a fab guy by any means and could not find something on the market to fit my design ideas. I reached out to Andrew McLaughlin at LetzRoll Offroad in Mesa, Arizona. Andrew, Matt (fab guy), and I discussed my needs and design requirements, and Matt knocked it out of the park with this rack. He added extra features with a better twist.

The rack had to lightweight and the right size to fit above my retractable tonneau cover. I wanted it hinged with a kickstand so I could still get all items in the bed of the truck. An added sturdy sand flag holder, easy to use strap hook design, drainage, strength, and the ability to clean the rack easily, and there you have a new design on a simple rack that is performance-driven.

This rack is now available for order through LetzRoll OffRoad if you want to have the best of all performance design rack space and great looks added to your pickup.

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