First Generation Bronco vs. 2021 Ford Bronco specifications

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A comparison of the data. The first-generation Ford Bronco, released in 1966 and after vs. the 2021 Ford Bronco. We all know today’s vehicles are far superior to their older counterparts as far as technology and comfort; things like A/C, ride comfort, and computer controls, of course, rule today. So let’s look at the hard numbers and see if we can find any like comparisons. I’m sure the hardcore first-generation Bronco fans would rather see the old warhorse styling and performance, but with more of the creature comforts available in today’s vehicles, but we all know that never happens.

The first area of comparison will be technical dimensions and specifications: Base models only, 2dr vs. 2dr

  1. Engines: 1967 2 options, V6cyl (200ci or 3.3 L), V8cyl (278ci or 4.6 L), 2021 2.3 ecoboost
  2. Power: 1967 120hp, no torque spec’s, 2021 270hp, 310ftpds torque
  3. Transmission: 1967 3 spd column, 2021 7-Speed Manual/10-Speed Automatic
  4. Transfer Case: 1967 dana 18 with selectable high/low ranges, 2021 none
  5. Fuel delivery: 1967 Holley 1 barrel carb, 2021 Turbocharged direct injection
  6. Frame construction: 1967 Body on Frame, 2021 Body on frame
  7. Front suspension: 1967 Straight axle with radius arms w/track bar, 2021 IFS with twin alloy A-arms and coil-over springs
  8. Rear suspension: 1967 solid axle with leaf springs, 2021 Solid axle with five-link rear with coil-over springs
  9. Dimensions: Width, 1967 68.8”, 2021 65” – length, 1967 92”, 2021 100.4”

When talking about the NEW 2021 Bronco, one must remember that there are really three options, a 2-door model, a 4-door model, and the Bronco Sport. The above information listed is about the body on frame models, considered the big Broncos. The Sport model is based on a unibody SUV platform. While the Sport is still considered a 4×4 by Ford, everyone else believes it’s genuinely a Crossover vehicle as it does not have a 2-speed transfer case. Though the Sport does not have 2-speed transfer case, it is equipped with a “Terrain Management System known as G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any type of Terrain)”. The base model Sport comes with a 1.5 L EcoBoost engine and an 8-speed transmission. Starting with the Badlands edition, the Sport steps up to 2.0L engine.

***As of this writing, only the Sport is available at dealerships, the larger models are available for ordering, but best estimates are a summer 2021 time frame for delivery.

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