Old School:  Land Cruiser Heritage Museum

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4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 80Where do old Land Cruisers go to be cherished?  How about the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Founded by Greg Miller, son of Larry H. Miller, the museum’s mission is to preserve and celebrate the history o the Toyota Land Cruiser…and inspire adventure. 4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 79

Visiting the museum, you can feel the adventure just oozing from the over 100 vehicles on display, including the 2012 Land Cruisers used in the E7 expedition.  Expeditions 7 was a three-year, seven continent adventure described as “a dream come true.”

The goal is to house one of every model year of Land Cruiser built. The first Land Cruiser ever sold in the US is a 1958 FJ25 originally purchased by a schoolteacher in Long Beach and now housed in the museum.  While not every vehicle has been acquired yet, there are only a few left on the list.4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 84

Check out the ‘We Buy Cruisers’ section under Museum Collections to see if you might have something they want.  They even pay a finder’s fee!

If you are a fan, whether on-road or off of Land Cruisers and visiting Salt Lake City, the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum is open six days a week from 8 to 5.  Besides Land Cruisers, you’ll find other automotive-related paraphernalia, including pedal cars and toys.  www.landcruiserhm.com

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