Old School – Easter Jeep Safari, Moab, Utah

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Originally Published in Issue 34 of 4Low Magazine

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Old School

Easter Jeep Safari, Moab, Utah

54 Years of Moab’s Easter Jeep Safari – well, 53 with an asterisk next to 2020*.  I hope next year they are celebrating year 55!

Easter Jeep Safari is one of the oldest Jeep Safaris, dating back to 1967; there are older Safaris that are out there, but none seem to be as impactful as EJS.  In the early days, the local Moab Chamber of Commerce hosted EJS.  As the need for permits with BLM changed, the Chamber reached out to the local Red Rock 4 Wheelers to see if they’d like to take over the challenges.  What was once a single day event has become a nine day event with over 1500 Jeeps (of facsimiles of) attending.

It’s a rooting good time for those in attendance, but it is far more than trail rides.  Easter Jeep hosts trail rides over 40 trails in those nine days, with hundreds of volunteers providing services to the thousands of participants.  There are trail guides and gunners, registration clerks and website hosts, vendor contacts and managers.  It takes a swarm of people to provide for those making the annual trek to Moab.

In addition to the trail rides, the vendor show showcases off-road companies from all over North America for two days, the annual Boy Scout barbeque provides much needed funds for the local troops, Tread Lightly organizes trail crews to rehabilitate terrain.  Everywhere you turn, there is a party being hosted by some of the best off-road companies in the world.  BFG recognizes top trail tenders, Ladies Offroad Network has get togethers, and through it all, your fees help to fund the legal defense fund for OHV trails, land use is as important here as anywhere.

When you’re making your next year plans, be sure to include Easter Jeep Safari, after a year like this one, I think we should all take 2021 off and just go wheeling.  Add Moab to your list!

Easter Jeep Safari is held beginning the Saturday before Easter weekend and runs all week long, culminating in the Vendor Show (Thursday and Friday) and Big Saturday.  2021 dates are March 27 – April 4, 2021.  www.rr4w.com

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