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Story by Rich Klein, photos provided by Miracle Truss

Almost seven years ago we named this section the Man Cave – designed to talk about things other than wheeling that would be discussed in your Man Cave with your friends. But what kind of space are you hanging out in? Have you built your Man Cave yet?Miracle Truss steel buildings MiracleTruss 0334 11 19 1024x683 1

I’ve thought about building a shop or outbuilding so many times. But what is the first step? For me, I need to start with determining what type of building would best suit my needs. I want a structure that is used to store vehicles and as a workshop for various projects; maybe add a small office inside for use as a podcast recording studio and have room for some storage shelving. My wife wants her (wo)man cave to have a space for each project that doesn’t overlap – woodworking in one spot, metalworking in another, papercrafts, sewing, vinyl cutting, whatever suits her mood in each small space with all the tools in their special cubicle. In our travels, we’ve visited a lot of shops, everything from large airplane hangars, Quonset huts, barndominiums, concrete buildings, pole barn conversions, and red iron or stick-built buildings. All of these construction styles will work, especially if they are already in place on the perfect piece of property. But what if you’re starting from scratch, raw property with no building already in place? After a lot of research, I’ve found the best of all designs put together.

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Miracle Truss buildings are a DIY modular-designed hybrid material building platform entirely customizable for your needs. It is expandable by design, using a steel structural angle and web-designed truss system that allows for future customization and additions; finish fit of an interior can be more than just a shop space. With walls built like a stick-built house (2’ on center edge mounted wooden stud wall with the structural angle and web design trusses every 12’ to 14’ apart.) With the trusses closer together than you’ll find on traditional red iron buildings (25’ apart), the load of the building is spread out across the foundation.

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The buildings can be ordered in standard sizes or in any size and configuration you can imagine. The Miracle Truss buildings can also be designed with interior walls, giving you separation for various intended uses. If comparing a Miracle Truss building to a non-finished building, it can appear to be more expensive. But when compared to the price of a completed structure, Miracle Truss can be equal to or even lower than most. Miracle Truss buildings are engineered to meet your local building codes and load requirements. Whether you’re in Florida or Alaska, Arizona, or along the northern border, weather loads such as wind and snow are engineered into the designs.

The best component of a Miracle Truss building is the owners, Corey Secrest, and his wife, Tonya, are off-road enthusiasts, just like you. They own 4×4 rigs and participate in many of the big group events across the nation, including EJS, Trail Hero, and Jeep Beach.

Before you build, call Miracle Truss and check them out! Truss steel buildings MiracleTruss 0275 06 19Miracle Truss steel buildings MiracleTruss 0282 06 19Miracle Truss steel buildings STEEL FOR STRENGTH img 5 Miracle Truss steel buildings STEEL FOR STRENGTH img 3 Miracle Truss steel buildings STEEL FOR STRENGTH img 1Miracle Truss steel buildings MiracleTruss 0088 01 17 1Miracle Truss steel buildings MiracleTruss 0010a 01 17 Miracle Truss steel buildings MiracleTruss 0058a 01 17Miracle Truss steel buildings MiracleTruss 0097 01 17 Miracle Truss steel buildings MiracleTruss 0105b 01 17 Miracle Truss steel buildings MiracleTruss 0201 04 07 683x1024 1


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