Industry Profile: Chris Durham

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Originally Published in Issue 36 of 4Low Magazine

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Sometimes a name is just a brand; other times, the name is Everything to a brand. That’s the case with Chris Durham Motorsports; the name behind it is what lets you know the quality of the work. Chris has been in the off-road game for over twenty years. Everything from repairing, building, manufacturing, driving, and competition – if it’s off-road, Chris has done, or is doing it!


Homegrown in Pickens, South Carolina, you’ll find the shop there, but Chris calls the entire United States his playground. Since 1998, Chris has either competed in rockcrawls or hit the trail with the Ultimate Adventure team in all 50 states. Stumbling across a rockcrawling competition in Farmington, New Mexico in 1998, he and some buddies decided to enter. This event introduced Chris to the off-road world, or maybe, more importantly, all of us to Chris. He has graced the cover of many magazines with his work and skills.


Chris Durham Motorsports (CDM) is known for three distinct items. His low center of gravity vehicles designed to challenge any rock crawling arena. Think largest tires available with the smallest lift, more cutting. Second, his hi-line rockcrawler hoods that incorporate the fenders in the hoods, allowing more room for flex. CDM produces hoods for TJ, JK, YJ, and CJ among others. Third, his Gladiator conversions for JK’s. He incorporates the true Gladiator grill in the JK hood, if only Jeep had been paying attention. If you’re looking for something unique and attractive, Chris is an artist in that department.


Check out his website at to see the true artisan behind the brand.

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