Glamis Black Bag Project

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Land use has many facets. From keeping trails open to keeping them clean. From being a good steward to applying Tread Lightly principles. We don’t get to pick just one; if we are advocating for public lands or even private lands to wheel on – we’ve got to do our part.

Cleaning up, helping out, and if you’re asking – What’s in it for me?  I would tell you, opportunity. The opportunity to explore places millions will never see, the opportunity to introduce history and beauty to the next generations.  You don’t need a free t-shirt or a catered lunch as a reward for doing the right thing.  You already got that reward.  You got to be on the trail or in the dunes.

The Glamis Black Bag Project was launched in 2017 by a couple who lives at the dunes during the season,  Dave and Jenn Karbginsky.  They are dedicated to keeping Glamis clean for all to enjoy.  Organized cleanups happen twice a month at a minimum; they are always striving for more. You’ll generally find them and a crew out on Monday mornings after a big weekend loading trucks with black bags of trash and tires and everything else that gets left behind.

The Glamis project has gone so well; they are expanding to America’s Black Bag Project.  You can find both on Facebook.

Be part of the commitment to keep our trails and playgrounds clean. Just grab a bag every time you go; unfortunately, you’ll fill it in no time. #keepglamisbeautiful #dunetrash

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