Dixie 4 Wheel Drive named TORA Retailer of the Year at SEMA

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Some four-wheel-drive shops feel like institutions. They’ve been around in everyone’s memories forever, so you know they’ve existed for a long time. Dixie Four Wheel Drive has long been one of those establishments in St. George, Utah.

In 2020, Dixie was named Retailer of the Year by the Truck and Off-Road Alliance of SEMA. Dixie was recognized for its outstanding growth and stature in the off-road industry. Dixie is a leading influencer in the off-road culture of Southern Utah, building high-end vehicles capable of running extreme terrain for over 20 years.

Founder, Milt Thompson, found his way to four-wheel-drive through various shenanigans with four-wheel drives; his wife, Shar, at his side. A descendent of one of the founding families in St George, Milt grew up there when there were only 5000 residents, not the 100,000+ there are today. Milt and Shar raised six children in the canyon, two you’ll recognize for their continued contribution to off-road, Bryce and Tara.

The St. George store underwent a vast remodel/replacement a few years ago, replacing the original building erected in 1948 by Milt’s father and uncle. The original building had undergone many renovations over the years, including having a sign spelled out in Bar Tile on the roof that read Dixie 4 Wheel Drive. This was long before Dixie was even a thing and Milt and family weren’t even in the shop yet.

In the 1990’s Milt moved back into the original building as Thompson’s Repair but decided you can never let a good sign go to waste, so the name was changed.

With the growth of the industry came Dixie’s growth, opening a second shop in Moab four years ago. The main store in St. George resides on the original property; the second shop in Moab is south of town in the Red Dot complex.

If you’re in need of upgrades or repairs anywhere in Southern Utah, Dixie 4 Wheel Drive is a great choice.


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