Automotive Touchup

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Automotive Touchup

Got that rock rash on the fender? That Rocky Mountain pinstripe just a bit too deep? If your paint job isn’t looking as spiffy as you’d like it to, there’s a product that can help.

Automotive Touchup matches your paint exactly. It’s not like those paint kits at the auto parts store that are close; they mix your paint color to match your model with the factory specifications. Need Redline Pearl or Torred or Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl – get that, you don’t have to settle for Red.

Clear instruction videos line out the three-step process.4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 529

  1. Surface Prep – clean with dish soap and water, then follow with a prep solvent to clean any leftover oils and waxes. Use sandpaper to roughen the surface, so the paint sticks better. If you are using an aerosol or ready-to-spray paint, you should also prime the surface – then clean and sand.
  2. Paint – you might need several coats, whether using a paint pen, brush or aerosol can
  3. Clearcoat – that lustrous finish from the factory came about from several steps, don’t cheap out now; finish the process to make your repair as seamless as possible. Start with the clearcoat, then use rubbing compound to reduce the texture of the repair and bring a deep shine to the finish.

Not sure what color, use the tip-line, although the website is fully interactive to help you find what you need. For about $50, you can purchase not only the color but also all the prep and finish tools and compounds to complete the whole process and have it on hand for the next boo-boo you add to your rig.

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