A Family Tradition: TeraFlex

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4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 687TeraFlex grew out of MEPCO (Military Equipment Parts Company), which started operations in the 1950s as a military equipment supply company in the Salt Lake City area, founded by Don Falkner. Mark Falkner, Don’s son, started working for his dad in the yard at the age of 9. During high school, Mark began working at the “Jeep Joint,” repairing and restoring Jeeps after school and in the evenings. After a 5-year stint as a service department manager with a Chevrolet dealership, Mark found his way back to MEPCO as the owner, buying the company from his father when Don retired. As the owner of MEPCO, Mark used his past experiences in auctioned jeep parts to build and assemble Jeeps to further grow MEPCO.

In 1996, when Jeep released the TJ, no one had aftermarket parts yet for MEPCO to sell to its’ customers, so Mark and staff developed the first aftermarket lift kit for the new platform. This kit became an immediate success, and Teraflex as a brand came to life. Now a standalone company, Teraflex absorbed MEPCO into their operation.

TeraFlex has been a leader in the Jeep aftermarket since 1996 providing quality suspensions, armor, and accessories. TeraFlex developed a low-rang4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 81e gear set for the Jeep 231 transfer case and developed a street-able high pinion 60 differential for both front and rear axles. In 2016, TeraFlex dove into the shock market with the Falcon line of Jeep and truck-specific shocks, again using high-quality materials and practices to provide the best products possible.

The management team at TeraFlex now consists of CEO/Owner Mark Falkner, President Ben Falkner (Mark’s son), and Vinson Pratt, Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

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