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Originally Published in Issue 30 of 4Low Magazine

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One of my favorite things is looking for history of our favorite trails, how were things done in the past?  What did it look like? Where were the trails? What was driven on these trails? Fortunately, there are some folks who are keeping up with this to share with the rest of us.

One of those is right on Facebook, a Group named Rubicon Gazette is administered by Tim Green and others and regularly shares old Rubicon photos and events, as well as current ones.

The fans of the page contribute history, photos and current knowledge.  Many spend hours each week exploring the internet searching for old maps. Going to local book stores, libraries, county records, public utilities records, and researching old newspaper articles looking for anything that contains tidbits of information about the trail, surrounding areas or historical individuals that inhabited the area around the trail.

The page is a wonderful place to gather information before exploring the trail for the first time. It can provide info that will make you an expert in the eyes of your friends. Any first time trip to the Rubicon should include a bit of research and reading on the Rubicon Gazette page.

Mile Marker History El Dorado county map

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