Old School – Laser Town

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Originally Published in Issue 36 of 4Low Magazine

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Where do you go to make dreams come true?

If you ask Cody Waggoner, champion rockcrawler and owner of Lasernut – that place is Laser Town!

A 40-acre parcel just outside the gates of Hammertown, Cody has built a home and a happening all in one place.  The site of many a holiday event, Laser Town is by invitation only.  A berm has been built around the outside to allow those inside, including pets and children, to feel safe.  We all know what a madhouse Johnson Valley can be at times; Laser Town is that oasis in the desert.

Cody and his wife, Lindsay, have built a container home with eight 40 foot containers. In addition to the house, there is a shelter, a lake, a pool, a hammock tower and let’s not forget the Laser Town Express.  A full-size school bus to rail around the compound in.

The décor lends itself to the macabre, so Halloween seemed like just another day at the park, with a couple hundred of Cody’s closest friends having a mild protest.

Laser Town started as a small compound shared by friends, a getaway for the guys. As life happened for many, they needed to sell their portion; Cody bought out each partner and then expanded when another piece became available.  What started as a fun little project has grown into a cult following.

When you head out to Johnson Valley for the 2021 King of the Hammers, look to the right off Boone Road; that colorful compound you see is Laser Town.  You’ll find many competitors calling Laser Town home during the week. If you’re looking to visit, an invitation is required.  The sign at the front gate says it all.

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