More than just a Rockcrawl

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Story by Staff of 4Low Magazine
Photos by Tonya Mercer

Memorial Day weekend is the time to honor our nation’s servicemen and women who didn’t return from their final duty. The unofficial start of summer, the harbinger of backyard bbqs. We honor our lost with a tradition of our own. On the Friday and Saturday of that weekend, we host the Delta Classic Rock Crawl in Delta, Utah.

4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 693The Delta Classic is just four years old, but it follows the traditions of Old School Rock Crawl, founded by Craig Stumph. It’s more than a rockcrawl though, it’s a celebration of all things motorsports and family.  Delta, Utah is the home of the Delta Proving Grounds, a manmade rockcrawling course at the Millard County Fairgrounds.  In addition to the rockcrawling area, there is a dirt track, a circle track, a horse arena and a park. Millard County

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takes its entertainment seriously.  They kind of have to, being off the beaten path as they are.  Take Highway 6 west of Interstate 15 until you almost reach the Utah/Nevada line.  The area boasts lots of outdoor fun, but not much else. Little Sahara Sand Dunes can be found less than an hour away, but if you’re looking for a city, it’s almost two hours to Salt Lake.

Besides outdoor fun, the area is filled with happy campers, enthusiastic spectators and family. It’s why we stay in Delta.  The rockcrawl is the best place to try your hand at competition.  All ages are welcome in the myriad of classes.  You can bring your janky old 4×4 in the Sportsman C class, or your Jeep JL in the Street Stock class.  There’s room for the expected Unlimited and ProMod cars too.

4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 695If rockcrawling isn’t your thing, bring your tote-goat or Lawnmower out for a quick race around the arena.  It’s always fun to see what havoc can be started there.  Most important, bring your kids and your wife and your grandparents. It’s a perfect weekend for camping out together and enjoying time with friends and family.

2021 Champions

Unlimited: Ryan Maxfield and Nate Hurst, Todd Young and Daniel Roush, Craig Wachter and Niklas Hansen. Sportsman B: Thomas Meiser and Dave Black, Daniel Roush and Todd Young, Aaron Clough and Brian Montague. Sportsman C+: Ryan Maxfield and Nate Hurst, Teancum Falkner and Ben Falkner, Jeremy Pool and Isaac Smith.  Sportsman C: Katelyn Boren and Kevin Boren, Hippie Larocque and Robby Flandro, Garrett Mercer and Chris Mercer. UTV: Robby Flandro and Weston Jones, Bebe White and Rick White.

4x4 Magazine 4WD how to article 698Stock Tote Goat: Mike Raineri, Henry Jones and Logan Brentzel. Modified Tote Goat: Hippie Larocque, Tharon Young and Mason Jenkes. Lawnmower: Matt Murphy, Justin Pyper, and Andrew Messner. Racing: Kelly Smith, Weston Jones and Ashley Clough w/Amber Turner. RC Cars: Jaden Sanderson, Thomas Meiser and Mike Raineri.

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